Posted by: surfgator | 2009/01/06

Surf fishing with the boys

Sunday, overall, was a very peaceful and relaxing day though it didn’t start out as so. 

First off, MOB tackle is going downhill. The clams I got were TINY. Literally some of them made for a single entire clam as one piece of bait!! (on a small pompano hook even). And they still only gave me 12 as a dozen. The next time I go down south, I’m stopping at a different shop. Then, they have a minimum charge of $10 for debit cards now and I rarely carry cash. I got some Berkley gulps, but hadn’t planned on having to buy them.

So, that being said, Wildman, Cutie Pie, and Myself (see Adventures of Four) went to a little dirt access beach down south. There were only a few people there but rods were bent and the action looked good. Just as we setup, everyone left and one guy said they were biting bare hooks all morning. Nothing big, but he caught pompano, bluefish, and whiting. So I cast out and on the first cast, not in the water one minute, catch a 6″ whiting. Second cast and I got a HUGE hit — I yanked and the line snapped. I still don’t really know why, I don’t think it was that big of a fish. So, re-rig and cast. Constant hits, big and small for about 30 minutes, couldn’t hook a darn thing.

Then these people come down and start fishing with tiny river rods and 6oz weights a little ways down the beach. They aren’t getting anything and then as I’m re-baiting my hooks, this lady (55 or so) walks down from their spot and literally, I mean exactly stands in front of my sand spike and throws her line. I am thinking WTF? Its me, the kids and them are the only ones for a mile. Well, the guy she was with is down the beach looking at her funny, and it seemed like he was wondering the same thing as me. So I take my time thinking surely shes gonna move, but no. So I walk dead up next to her, go to cast and stupid me, in my frustration forget to unclick the bail on my levelwind. SNAP goes the whole rig and I’m standing there looking like a moron. So, I go back and re-rig again. By the time I had re-rigged, she walked back. Just as I am about to cast, here comes the guy walking up to me with a hand full of sand fleas. He offered them to me, said he had too many. He was acting weird, so I think it was a peace offering, though I never actually said anything to her.

Anyway, I casted out the fleas and there they sat for over an hour. No hits. I reeled in, casted some clams and no hits either. On my declared “last cast” I screwed it up, bird nested the crap out of it and SNAP. Lost the third rig of the day. At that point I knew fishing was not in the cards for me that day. I gave up.

But, meanwhile the kids had a blast playing and we all had lunch at the beach and the weather was absolutely perfect. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. Only thing is I wish I had gotten down there at 8 or 9 and maybe my fishing luck would have been better.

After I got home, I just cleaned up and relaxed. Had a beer, sat in the driveway in my lawn chair and took in the great weather. Overall a very good and relaxing day.



  1. Check you out with your blog! Nice job!

    You relaxed in that lawn chair until the neighbors started harassing you…

  2. You blog is very nice.
    I added it in favourites!

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